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  • Windshield Size and Wiper Mounting Dimensions

    Fill out the following information about your windshield wiper system using the diagram or download the diagram to your computer for available printing.
    (Refer to Diagram by clicking here or download PDF version)

    1. Dimensions of Windshield Glass (inside molding):

    Height: Single Piece Windshield Flat Glass
    Width: Multi- Piece Windshield Curved Glass

    2. Location of Pivot Shaft Hole:

    Header Mount (Top) A-Distance from Edge of Glass
    Cowl Mount LH: RH:
    Other Location: B-Distance from Edge of Glass
    LH: RH:

    3. Thickness and Angle of Material At Pivot Shaft Mounting Point:

    Thickness of Material:
    Z-Angle from Vertical:

    4. Centerline of Operators Vision:

    Y-Vertical Distance from Edge of Glass:
    X-Horizontal Distance from Outside Edge of Glass:

    5. Additional Information:

    Estimated Annual Usage :
    E-Width of Center Molding:
    F-Dimension to Start of Curve:
    Motor Voltage: 12 24 Other:
    Motor Speed Required: 1 2
    Window Washing Required: Yes No  

    6. Contact Info:

    Estimated Annual Usage :
    Contact Name:
    Zip Code:
    E-mail Address: